Chef Louie was BAKED up by two little girls, one missing nap, and a whole lot of messes. Her grand misadventures are SPRINKLED with truth and WHIPPED into lore.

After receiving the dreaded call home from the Kindergarten teacher about grumpy behavior, Cook's Helper Kelly searched for a book about taking a nap when you are tired.

Thus, was born Chef Louie! Ooey Gooey Stew was literally dreamed up in a dream.

With a love to make messes and a greater love to cook, Chef Louie and Pete continue to inspire stories, including Chewy Gluey Chocolate Chips.

First Chef Louie and Pete inspired their mom. Now they inspire other kids their age. Chef Louie, loves visiting schools and sparking enthusiasm for reading and cooking. Kids love seeing someone their age who has helped write eight books and can cook the family dinner.

While Chef Louie is busy testing recipes in the kitchen, her sister Cook's Helper Pete loves documenting the cooking progress behind the camera.

Chef Louie and her family reside in Austin, TX. Watch our blog for cooking fun, plus the antics of Chef Louie's pet goats.

Happy cooking!

chef louie

Why let the facts get in the way of a good story!
— Chef Louie, World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Baker

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Chef Louie real? -- most definitely!

  • Does Chef Louie really make all those messes? -- you bet!

  • Are Louie and Pete special names? -- of course, named after some special grandmas and one special poppy!

  • What inspired Chef Louie? -- one missing nap.

  • What is Chef Louie's favorite cookie? -- chocolate chip cookies.

  • Does Chef Louie eat her vegetable? -- all the time!