STIR Up Learning Fun!


You’ve heard about sneaky vegetables, right? 

Well, how about FEED the NEED to READ’s sneaky learning through cooking?

 Kids not only improve cooking & reading skills, but math, science, nutrition, health, writing, time management, following directions, organization, problem solving, creativity, & more. 

Now, that is a lot of learning!



Reluctant reader, picky eater...

...that used to be me! Several years ago, I told my mom that I wanted to be a chef and a teacher when I grow up. She said, "Why wait? You can start now." So, I did! Now I am an author, reading new books and cooking foods that I like!

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Ready to COOK up some fun?

Start with my LEARN it! COOK it! EARN it! recipes and cookbooks. Read about my misadventures with my sister Cook's Helper Pete and then COOK the BOOK! 

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